Wednesday, October 10, 2012

San Francisco Shades of 2010, PED VICTORIES IN PLAYOFFS

2012 Giants World Series Gear


According to Victor Contte of Balco fame, up to 50% of major league players are using steroids or performance enhancing drugs of some kind. He speaks of sources in baseball 
and that we is local I woulld expect alot of them to be from San Franciso are, where Conte calls home.
So., don't be surprised that the San Francis Giants have more than their share

As we often lament, Where have You Gone Joe DiMaggio? Say it ain't so Joe.  Why suddenly are players named Scuatro, Blanco, Pagan and Arias  - Little pipsqueak players they call Giants suddenly  rising up again ala 2010 Giants at the eleventh hour having their best ever seasons. This from players on the downside of their careers hitting mostly in an unfriendly San Francisco hitters ballpark. .Remember Gullen, Torrez,Uribe, Rentaria and maybe even Ross (well, he's not Latin) or Huff or Burl or , or, or.... ?
2012 Time to win it again. Hey bring in Scutaro who  doesn't strike out any ,   his inflated .350 , best ever average since joining the Jints in July at age 37 . Bring in Joaquin Arias over name players Boche and Sabean because you KNOW
he's on something and will hit once again . Bring in Blanco to hit homers even though he never used to. And what about Pagan and his best ever year hitting in San Franciscoc's tough ballpark. Poor Dusty, who has the team but Pagan stepped out of the box as the Giants often due,  without warning,  and caused lead pitcher Cuerto to go disabled. Just look at the stats. Year after year the Giants bring 'em on... the PED players since Sabean can't get a legit player the correct way...
Fool the people once and fool them again. Or maybe nobody cares anymore. especially giants fans... but some of us DO!
San Francisco Shades of 2010, PED VICTORIES IN PLAYOFFS

Tuesday, October 9, 2012