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TONY BENNETT Full Historical Collection Now On Itunes

Tony Bennett’s career has enjoyed three distinct phases, each of them very successful. In the early ’50s, he scored a series of major hits that made him one of the most popular recording artists of the time. In the early ’60s, he mounted a comeback as more of an adult-album seller. And from the mid-’80s on, he achieved renewed popularity with generations of listeners who hadn’t been born when he first appeared. This, however, defines Bennett more in terms of marketing than music. He himself probably would say that, in each phase of his career, he has remained largely constant to his goals of singing the best available songs the best way he knows how. Popular taste may have caused his level of recognition to increase or decrease, but he continued to sing popular standards in a warm, husky tenor, varying his timing and phrasing with a jazz fan’s sense of spontaneity to bring out the melodies and lyrics of the songs effectively. By the start of the 21st century, Bennett seemed like the last of a breed, but he remained as popular as ever. MORE
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$5.00 off $15.00 at Spirit Halloween


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$5.00 off $15.00 at Spirit Halloween
$5.00 off $15.00 at Spirit Halloween
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3527 Mt. diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549

Imagine that you’re rowing in Lake Merritt and you spot
what looks like a sleek, brown dog sitting on the edge of the dock
 You notice that the creature has awfully big whiskers and tin
 ears for a dog. That’s because it’s a North American river otter
. This actually happened to a rower on Lake Merritt recently—
he first time in memory a river otter has ever been spotted in
 the lake. The river otter is a hopeful sign that Lake Merritt is
 getting cleaner.

Most people don’t know that Lake Merritt isn’t actually a lake;
it’s a tidal lagoon which, after 143 years of being cut off,
was reunited with the Bay last February. As part of a much-needed
 restoration effort, the City of Oakland removed culverts and
widened the channel, doubling the flow of water between the Bay
and lagoon.

A gem at the heart of Oakland, Lake Merritt has been many things—
the nation’s first wildlife refuge, beloved waterway, sewage-filled 
cesspool, and an Environmental Protection Agency-listed “impaired
water body.” Today, thanks to these big improvements, Lake Merritt
s finally getting cleaner and more inviting to people and wildlife alike.

This restoration work was funded by voters’ overwhelming
approval of Measure DD, passed in 2002, which raised critical
local dollars to restore Lake Merritt. The revitalization of Lake
 Merritt and its shoreline is one of the most publicly accessible
examples of the restoration work that’s bringing back wildlife and
 improving water quality all over the Bay Area.
Share this great news on Facebook and help us spread the
 word about Lake Merritt’s promising restoration and the 
presence of this auspicious creature


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